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Wooden Flutes - Calendar

  • Due to our move and the many associated projects, I have not had time to spend making bamboo flutes nor searching for display and performance venues.
  • Soon, I plan to devote time to those activities, which I've missed, and will post specifics when I have them.
  • I do continue to use my bamboo flutes occasionally in storytelling, which happens mostly at Queen of Angels grammar school, for the present.

Wooden Flutes - Artist's Statement

  • Sometimes I can hear the wind whistle a soft melody over a remote Asian countryside, and at other times, across the sails of a galleon anchored in a distant bay.
  • For most of my life, I have played conventional metal flutes. Along the way, I developed an interest in flutes made of wood. I became enamored with the mellow, pure sound and loved the way the warmth of wood felt on my lips. From a dealer in antique instruments, I found a flute made in 1912 of wood and metal keys and springs. I bought it and use it often in performance where the venue is intimate and quiet.
  • (N.B. To replace a worn out headjoint, I ordered a custom made wooden one from Haynes, slightly shorter than standard in order to raise the pitch of the entire instrument.)

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Artistic Bamboo Folk Flutes - Artist's Statement (cont.)

  • Throughout this time, I had also played occasionally on bamboo flutes that others had made. The pure, reedy sound of these simple instruments of nature strongly appealed to me. A couple of years ago I decided to explore this instrument more fully, and began to make my own bamboo flutes.
  • The building process starts with the selection of bamboo cane, which I cut to appropriate sizes. Then, I position the holes, and carefully carve and drill these in the flute. Using my ear, I adjust the sizes of these holes until I am satisfied with the tone and the scale produced by the instrument.
  • Early on, I felt a need to finish these flutes by adding a decoration, a picture on the front of the flute where it can be easily seen. For subject matter, I have, thus far, reverted to my own background and interests: an Asian heritage, a love of travel, and a fascination with the lore of the sea. I use techniques of drawing and wood burning to permanently adorn the instrument.
  • Now the flute is done. I am ready to use it in a concert of music or blend it into one of the stories that I tell. In those instances where I have either pre-composed the piece myself, or am improvising from my musical experience, I have the thrill of knowing that I am creating a work that is, from beginning to end, my own.
  • And, sometimes when I play, I find myself returning to the countryside or to the distant bay, where I hear the melody of the wind whistling so softly.
  • Each flute comes with a custom made case of fabric with folk or ethnic designs. In the pictures are several of my bamboo flutes. Bottom picture has sample cases.
  • Please Email me with any comments/inquiries you have.

Other Related Interests:

  • Handcarved Wooden Walking Sticks, Pencil Drawings.