to fables and flutes and music and story, a riff of jazz, a saga of glory, princes and dragons, a quick tarantella, rondos and fugues, and the poor Cinderella.

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Thanks for visiting, Carlos

“The magical music of your flute was the sparkle of our story!" Martha Murphy, Founding Artistic Director, Whidbey Children's Theater

“...amazing" Emcee at gala ordination ceremony, after a jazz performance of "Amazing Grace"

“...a gifted flutist..." Pastor at UU Tacoma, WA

“...play very well” Paul Renzi, Principal flute, NBC and SF Symphony

“I want to be first in line for your next CD when it comes out” Jazz fan (Cindy) at a jazz gig

“...Carlos has good ears and transposes with remarkable ease” Ali Ryerson, fellow professional jazz flutist

“...awesome to work with” Susan Olmos, Liturgical Director of Music and Choir Conductor

“Thank you so much for your beautiful music...always enhances our service...very lucky to have you...” Music Committee, UUCWI

“Carlos stands out among musicians – he makes the written note come to life” Jim Stapleton, playwright, director, actor

“...it spells Carlos . . . not just a storyteller, but a wonder-full presence brought to each student on Wednesday mornings!” Suzanne Ryan, Kindergarten Teacher

“"Carlos not only entertains the students with stories, but he engages students. At times he enriches his story with his magical flute or teaches the students how to tell their own story. The students and I always look forward to Carlos' weekly visit. --- Fantastic!" Janet Chamberlain, First Grade Teacher

“You’re the best storyteller” - “I love it when you come to tell stories” many, many K-3 students.

The rest of this page has a little personal history, in case you're interested.

Exotic Beginnings

Hong Kong seems a long way and a long time from here, but that is where I was born. We lived there until I was eleven, when my parents and I migrated to "the States." In high school in San Francisco I played clarinet in the symphonic band and alto sax in the dance band starting in my Sophomore year. The school did have, amongst its collection of well worn instruments, a flute in desperate need of repair. I regularly checked that instrument out and attempted to make sweet music with the notes that would play.

A Flute Of My Own

After high school I purchased my first flute. I had begun a fond and lasting partnership with the instrument that would accompany me far afield, trigger many adventures and experiences, and add melody to my existence. Later, I would purchase the first of two Powell flutes, both of which I play regularly today. Since then, I have also added an alto flute, a bass flute, and numerous ethnic flutes to my melodic arsenal.

A Steady Income

When I started college, it was as a math major. A year and a half later, I switched to music. Realizing early that steady work would be necessary to support a growing family, I began a "day job" in the blossoming computer field that would last almost thirty years, paralleling an avocation as a working freelance musician. Even then, it had been an obsession for years to leave information technology behind and pursue my true interests. So, with no regrets, I bid farewell to a technical career that had been for me lengthy and rewarding.

Time For A Change

My life was now open to the pursuit of two of my passions (other than family), travel and music. Travel took the form of a position as tour director for a worldwide tour company based in Connecticut. For several years I led tours in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Along the way, I incorporated storytelling into my tours as a way, together with music, to sparkle the commentary I shared with my guests. Later, I began to pursue storytelling on its own. I now tell weekly, mostly to grades K-3, and have come to really cherish those experiences. In the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where we now live, I have developed other interests as well, including flyfishing/flytying, drawing, bamboo flute making, and walking stick carving.

Thanks again for dropping by and for your interest. I would enjoy hearing from you. Please Email me with any comments/inquiries you have. (Should you be interested in my services, hiring information is included at the end of the Weddings-Casuals screen.)

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